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Sunny Florida in 52 days!

1 Comment 23 March 2015

The boys all over our GP land are busting their butts getting boats ready.

Down in ole Louisiana, Randy English is busy getting’ the GP-101 back together. Don’t know if it will be painted for Stuart but it will be ready to run. Randy’s other GP, the brand new Staudacher, was supposed to be painted this week and John Lohone (Randy’s engine builder) will be installing the engine this week at Jon’s shop in northern Michigan. I know a lot of people are waiting to see how Staudacher’s wood boat will compete against the Henderson hulls. I guess all the experts are saying the Staudacher should turn as well but the Henderson hull might be a shade bit faster on the straightaway. Their also saying on our short tight courses the Henderson hulls are built stronger and should hold up a little better. Also, the Staudacher is a lot less money, so there’s always trade offs. Randy has been racing Jon’s boats as long as I’ve been racing and he wants to give it a try. One things for certain, he will be competitive believe me.

Our Steeler bunch met at Bert’s shop last weekend and installed the engine and strut before Bert glues on the decks next week. By the middle of April, Big Mike will take the boat down to John’s EMS shop to get painted and decals applied.

Claude Tremblays got a job to do. Both of Mathieu Doaust motors are torn down so he’s got to get them back together.

Marty’s boat is in Phoenix getting a new paint job while Grendel’s boat is in Florida waiting to get the engine put back in.

Brandon’s boat is also down in Florida where the “Great Scott” is reworking the decks.

Most of you probably saw Ken Brodie’s GP in the paint shop and Ken reports almost ready to head south.

Well, that’s about it for now, stay tuned for more updates as they happen.

Till then, take care.


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No Comments 23 February 2015

Boy time sure does fly by !   Everyone seems to be hard at work on their GP boats. Poor Randy English,he’s new to our ACHA GP group and he’s got two (2) GP boats to get ready. The GP-101 won’t be too bad but his new Staudacher is brand new and all the hardware has to be designed then made up from scratch which takes lots of time. Knowing Randy, both GPs will be sitting in the pits May 14th ready to race in Stuart. You can take that to the bank !!!!!  Speaking of new GP boats, Bert and Ralph are working their butts off on our new Steeler. All the pieces have been made now all they have to do is put everything together. We are using all of last years boat’s hardware and the complete capsule. Bert assures us the boat will be ready to start rigging on the first day of April and he also says that’s no April Fools joke either. All our motors have been finished and run on our Dyno so that’s a big part of our project. Heard from up Chicago way Marty’s been running his new motors on their Dyno and he’s pumped up and ready to rock and roll with the gang. I even heard he’s lost a lot of weight and he can’t wait until Stuart and our first GP race. It will be good to see Marty back running with us. Brandon’ has his GP Champion GP down in Palm Beach where Scott Kropfield will be fixing all the nicks and bruises Brandon got last year while winning his first GP Championship. I hear its going to be painted  also.

Ken Brodie, Tom Pakradooni, and Eric Langevin didn’t have any major problems and the end of last year and all should be ready come Stuart race time. The GP-444 is still waiting on a new owner though. Several people have expressed interest but as of this newsletter theres been no takers.Mike Grendell reports he’s had some major changes in his race program and we’ll hear more on that next month. Word from out west, Dean Rojas’s crew chief Rich Hallet been busy building Dean’s motors. First report from their Dyno session shows over 1300 horsepower. The GP-77 Coppertone bunch has a new two contract with their sponsor and they to have two motors ready to go. Pat Hayworth reports he will be running all the ACHA events and maybe, just maybe have his new trailer finished. Mathieu Daoust got all the bodywork done on their GP and reports they to will be ready for Stuart.

Well gang, that’s all the updates I have for now. If it “ever” warms up we’ll start racing.

Until then, take care.


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The first photo of Staudacher’s new GP boat.

1 Comment 31 December 2014

staudacher build 1

Seen here for the first time is Randy English’s new 2015 Staudacher hydroplane. Unlike the GP Jon built back in 2009, this hull will be state of the art with all the latest new design ideas.  It will also feature a brand new Bergeron design canopy. Randy will be picking up the canopy next week along with the GP-101 GP boat.  A lot of the so-called boat racing experts are predicting this new Staudacher hull should be very competitive although this same group of experts wonders if the boat can hold up under our current racing conditions on our one mile courses.  It gets awful rough out there after the second and third laps. Several people have asked me my opinion and I think it’s great to have another boat builder in our class and hey! if it gets a little banged up during a Saturday race Randy can just go down to the local Home Depot, buy a piece of plywood and a fiberglass kit and hes back in business Sunday morning !!!! About that other GP boat Staudacher built back in 2009, the owner is bringing out this year to run for the first time on the west coast with the GPW group. I also want to congradulate Randy for taking this big step up to our ACHA GP group. And I will predict now he “WILL” be a top competitor!!!!

Happy New Year everyone. See you all next year!


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All I want for Christmas is some new toys for my Grand Prix hydroplane!

No Comments 15 December 2014

Well it won’t be long and Santa will be dropping down the chimney. Mike Grendell wants a new style blower for his GP while it looks like Brandon’s going to need a new skid fin for his. The Steeler team needs everything from a new GP boat to all the goodies that makes it go. As you’ve seen on Facebook, Marc and Ghislain are having grand old times in retirement. If I were a betting man I’d bet you we will see Ghislain in some kind of race boat next season. Now the question is, can Marc stay out of a boat for long? While Mathieu Dauost is waiting for his new sponson, Martin is hoping Santa will bring him a new style blower too. I don’t know why though, he already set the fastest speed in Valleyfield this past year.  You know, maybe Santa will bring him some new glasses and a GPS system for his “Coppertone: GP”!!!  Sorry Martin, but you know me, I had to add that in, Ha! Ha! All Eric Langevin needs from Santa is some “GOOD LUCK”. Poor Eric has had the worst luck this past year. I think Santa was so good to Patrick last year, he’s got almost everything he needs to win the Championship. Oops! I almost forgot, he does need a trailer to get to the races!!! Hopefully Paul will finally finish it, although Michel is still wondering where they’re going to park it!! Our new GP owner Randy English has a direct line to the North Pole, as he needs sooooo much stuff to get to our first race. If you leave it up to Jon Staudacher, Randy’s new GP boat will be delivered by the end of January. A little rumor here has Randy putting Andrew Tate in the Staudacher and Tom Thompson in the GP-101. I think this way Tommy will be off restriction by Valleyfield. Ken Brodie already got his new blower and reports he’s ready to race. Santa’s going south to Phoenix and will be painting Dennis and Marty’s GP while everything seems to be quiet around Tom Pakradooni’s GP-88.  I know Milton and Charley want a lot of goodies so they can finish their new boat.

This past weekend a lot of us traveled to the Performance Racing Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana to see all the new engine goodies for 2015 and beyond. Bert “finally” got yours truly to buy him a new driver’s suit. Hell it’s only been 4 years since we changed the Crush name to Steeler. After St. Felicien, the suit really got torn up and the whole team shamed me into buying a new one. As usual Mike, Big Mike, Sam and Joe were checking out all the new performance items along with Randy English and John Lohone his engine mechanic.

Well its off to do some Christmas shopping so I’ll say to everyone have a Merry Christmas and a great Happy New Year!!!

See you all in 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2015- Will this be GP’s best year ever?      

No Comments 25 October 2014

Would you believe “ten” GP race events? Yes, it’s possible. How about 15 GP boats in Detroit? Yes, it’s possible. How about 3 or 4 new/old faces coming in and some coming back to GP? Yes, this too is possible.

Let me start first by congratulating Brandon Kennedy on winning the ACHA GP High Point Championship. This team really worked their butts off all year and the championship proves this. Great job guys!!!!  Also this year we saw a great friend retire from our GP ranks. Marc Théoret was a class act  (as was his father, Robert) and we will truly miss him…although I hear he will be around the pits helping out other teams.

Now lets move on to 2015!!   Ten races you say? Besides our usual seven steady race events, Tavares, FL, Detroit, MI and Cambridge, MD could be on the 2015 horizon.  It’s just a little matter of “money”.  Ha!  Isn’t it always about money?  But at this date things are looking very positive. I can’t wait to spend a week in sunny South Florida in May. I know Cambridge, MD will be plenty hot, but think of all the great seafood you can eat there. And good old Detroit, yes it’s a little rough but so is Brockville and Beauharnois at times. If one remembers, you could always find a local sponsor for your boat and pickup several hundred dollars. Rumor has it there could be 2 to 3 west coast GP’s coming to Detroit. Plus, just got off the phone with Milt Wiggins from down home in Alabama and he to plans on attending several of our events next year including Detroit. Our guys better lookout, Cal Phipps will be a handful in Milt’s 3600 pound GP in the Detroit River. I talked to Rich Hallett out in Lake Havasu, AZ and he reports that Dean Rojas GP-10 Charger will be at both Florida races.  And then if everything goes well it will go up to Michigan where Jimmy King will keep it between our ACHA races. Rich tells me he’s taken over the engine duties too. Sure is nice to have this team back on the circuit. Speaking of Arizona I hear Dennis Johnson (owner of GP-93 Renegade) will be getting the boat back down at his shop for a brand new paint job as soon as Marty can get it to the Trafficade’s shop. Sure will be good to have Marty back racing Dennis’s GP in our circuit. On the rumor mill, word out of New Zealand finds David Alexander (Steeler GP) and Jack Lupton (Patrick’s GP) would like to rent or lease a couple of GP’s for the summer and run in our ACHA series. Boy, that would really give our group that international flavor. Just got a note that we could be getting a very good APBA racer in our ranks next year. Talks are underway with this owner and ACHA so I can’t go into detail now but it looks really good if everything can fall together for this team. Believe me this new team “will” be competitive.  Well, there it is guys and girls!!  I think 2015 will be our best ever if all of the above happens.

Please stay tuned!!!!!


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