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Wildwood 2014

No Comments 07 November 2014

Here are the three heats of the Grand Prix in Wildwood.

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2015- Will this be GP’s best year ever?      

No Comments 25 October 2014

Would you believe “ten” GP race events? Yes, it’s possible. How about 15 GP boats in Detroit? Yes, it’s possible. How about 3 or 4 new/old faces coming in and some coming back to GP? Yes, this too is possible.

Let me start first by congratulating Brandon Kennedy on winning the ACHA GP High Point Championship. This team really worked their butts off all year and the championship proves this. Great job guys!!!!  Also this year we saw a great friend retire from our GP ranks. Marc Théoret was a class act  (as was his father, Robert) and we will truly miss him…although I hear he will be around the pits helping out other teams.

Now lets move on to 2015!!   Ten races you say? Besides our usual seven steady race events, Tavares, FL, Detroit, MI and Cambridge, MD could be on the 2015 horizon.  It’s just a little matter of “money”.  Ha!  Isn’t it always about money?  But at this date things are looking very positive. I can’t wait to spend a week in sunny South Florida in May. I know Cambridge, MD will be plenty hot, but think of all the great seafood you can eat there. And good old Detroit, yes it’s a little rough but so is Brockville and Beauharnois at times. If one remembers, you could always find a local sponsor for your boat and pickup several hundred dollars. Rumor has it there could be 2 to 3 west coast GP’s coming to Detroit. Plus, just got off the phone with Milt Wiggins from down home in Alabama and he to plans on attending several of our events next year including Detroit. Our guys better lookout, Cal Phipps will be a handful in Milt’s 3600 pound GP in the Detroit River. I talked to Rich Hallett out in Lake Havasu, AZ and he reports that Dean Rojas GP-10 Charger will be at both Florida races.  And then if everything goes well it will go up to Michigan where Jimmy King will keep it between our ACHA races. Rich tells me he’s taken over the engine duties too. Sure is nice to have this team back on the circuit. Speaking of Arizona I hear Dennis Johnson (owner of GP-93 Renegade) will be getting the boat back down at his shop for a brand new paint job as soon as Marty can get it to the Trafficade’s shop. Sure will be good to have Marty back racing Dennis’s GP in our circuit. On the rumor mill, word out of New Zealand finds David Alexander (Steeler GP) and Jack Lupton (Patrick’s GP) would like to rent or lease a couple of GP’s for the summer and run in our ACHA series. Boy, that would really give our group that international flavor. Just got a note that we could be getting a very good APBA racer in our ranks next year. Talks are underway with this owner and ACHA so I can’t go into detail now but it looks really good if everything can fall together for this team. Believe me this new team “will” be competitive.  Well, there it is guys and girls!!  I think 2015 will be our best ever if all of the above happens.

Please stay tuned!!!!!


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Beauharnois 2014-Onboard with Marc Théorêt

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Beauharnois 2014-Heat 2B

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Beauharnois 2014-Heat 1B

No Comments 15 September 2014

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