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3 Comments 19 July 2013

What a great GP race weekend. Seventeen GP boats showed up in Valleyfield where anything can happen and usually does! I guess the biggest surprise from all our GP fans was the three GP West made the final and to top it off finished third, fifth, and sixth. To me the biggest surprise was Cal Phipps driving Milt Wiggins very large GP boat (my wife thought it was an unlimited) to a third place finish in our GP final. After a very fast first place heat win on Friday, Bert in the Steeler on Saturday morning had a fuel leak and blew the rear decks loose and was out for the weekend. Ghislain took over the title as the boat to beat. Boy, did he run well. In the final it was Ghislain into turn one first with Brandon running second. For three laps Brandon closed to within 3/4 boat lengths before Ghislain broke an ear off his prop and Brandon went on to win his first ever final. I guess is if you’re going to win your first there’s no better place to win it than Valleyfield, especially their 75th addition event. I said in my April’s newsletter that you’d better watch this Kennedy bunch. They will win some races this season. George and the gang did a great job getting their boat ready for all the qualifying heats for three days of tough GP racing.  Ken Brodie Jr. also did a good job over the weekend almost winning the pole but jumping the gun on Sunday morning regulating him to fourth starting position and finish right there in fourth in the final. Other than Bert (GP-777) and Marc (GP-444) all the other top teams had a good weekend of GP racing.

The GP West Saga!!!

To make a long story short, two of the top GPW teams who said during the winter that they were committed to coming to Valleyfield backed out at the last minute offering different reasons for not coming. One team said it was because of problems with customs and the other for mechanical problems. Actually, and these are only my opinions, these teams wanted to race at Black Lake the same weekend as Valleyfield for APBA points and possibly set a record. In APBA you need four boats to get points or set a record but only two boats showed up Saturday so out went the phone calls to please bring your GP boats, we need you. I don’t know all the details then it seems several boats broke and no one got any points “ZERO” I love it!!!!  Here’s the bottom line, to Jerry, Scotty, and Milt our hats are off to you guys. You came, you saw, and you almost kicked our ass! Great job and your teams should stand tall. You’re welcomed back anytime you want to come although I don’t think you’ll get that big show money (Ha Ha) Every race fan in Valleyfield really enjoyed you guys and again our thanks for sticking to your agreement to ACHA.  So it’s off to St. Felicien with our new points leader Patrick Haworth leading the pack.

Take care and continued safe racing!


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Valleyfield 2013-Grand Prix Final

No Comments 18 July 2013

Here is the Grand Prix final of the 75th anniversary of the Valleyfield Regatta.


Valleyfield 2013 photos

No Comments 17 July 2013

Set of photos the Grand Prix competition of the 75th Valleyfield regatta

By Christian Bergeron

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A magic moment!

No Comments 15 July 2013

Here is what everybody were looking for.  Marc Theoret and his dad Robert Theoret in their own Grand Prix Valleyfield GP-444.  This was THE MOMENT of this great 75th anniversary of the Valleyfield regatta.

Huey's News

Move over Bert, Ghislain wants to pass!

No Comments 08 July 2013

What a great start to a final in Brockville this past weekend. Up until the final Bert and his Steeler dominated every heat race from Long Sault and Brockville. Due to a penalty Bert had to start in lane 5 in the final and Ghislain started in lane 3. Bert on the outside hit turn one and around everyone he went, everyone except Ghislain that is. Bert came of the first turn about a half sponson ahead of Ghislain. That was close as he got. Ghislain pulled him about 5/6 boat lengths down the back straightaway and never looked back. Bert stayed close until his blower belt came loose in lap 3. This GP101 crew really deserved this win. They’ve been working their butts off all last year and the beginning of this season. Way to go guys! Now, that being said don’t think Bert’s crew is going to roll over and play dead. The Steeler’s motor was out of the boat at 9 am Monday morning and back in Cincinnati Monday night. They have a brand new bullet being Dynoed Monday with several new “LEGAL” goodies being added. Oh, that being said if anyone heard about the Steeler’s new state of the art ignition being outlawed for this season ask anyone how many times our GP boats went dead because of MSD parts failing . Would you believe 8 failures between Long Sault and Brockville? Hopefully our GP tech committee will study this new ignition system and ok it for 2014.

Boy, everyone was flying in Brockville. Two beautiful (would you believe it) days of great racing in all the classes. This week in Valleyfield I really believe if you don’t win all your heats you might not even make the final it’s that competitive. I think our GP West guys are in for a big big surprise!

Right now Marty Wolfe is leading the GP point’s race with some heat wins and a solid second place finish in Brockville. Already there are a lot of rumors and gossip going around and most of this I can’t print but if you come over to my Steeler truck I’ll let you in on the latest news, rumors, and good old gossip!

Hats off to Martin Rochon in the Coppertone boat. He’s learning real fast and staying out of everyone’s way and should be off restriction by Webster’s event. He and Joe Sovie put on one of the best side by side races I’ve seen in the last couple of years.

All this being said please, please everyone don’t miss Valleyfield. Not only it’s their 75th show but the GP competition is really great this year. Remember there will be 18 GP boats competing for 7 spots in the GP final.

Take care and see you in Valleyfield, Huey

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