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Canada wins gold- Dale JR wins Daytona- Ghislain wins GP poll

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What a month it was.  Both of Canada’s hockey teams won gold at the Olympics, Dale Jr. won his 2nd Daytona 500, and Ghislain Marcoux won the 2014 GP driver’s championship poll. Below is a breakdown on who voted for whom in our annual poll. Just about everyone who voted for Ghislain said he’s got to get his mechanical problems under control. We all know he’s probably the fastest GP boat in the series and came within a straightaway of winning the Valleyfield GP final last year. What about Brandon’s second place finish in the poll?  Scott Kropfelds got the boat down at his race shop in Florida completely going through every little nut and bolt plus redoing the deck attachment and changing the strut angle to get a little more speed and better handling down the straights. Scott tells me this will be Brandon’s year. After last year’s performance he could very well be right. But don’t count Bert and his Steeler team out just yet. The new boat will be finished around the middle of April with a lot of updates and should be very competitive right out of the box. Mike Endres has the new ignition system ready to bolt in and Huey’s got two new motors ready to go on the Dyno in two weeks. Back to the poll, several people wanted to vote for Patrick Haworth but knew his new GP boat wouldn’t be finished for the start of the 2014 ACHA season in Stuart, Florida the weekend of May 18th.

Here are the results of the poll:

Mike Grendell, owner        1- GP-25      2- GP-777    3- GP-101
George Kennedy, owner        GP-88          GP-93          GP-777
Joe Sovie, driver                       GP-25          GP-101        GP-93
Francois Lepage, fan               GP-777        GP-444        GP-101
Joe Marley, crew                      GP-77          GP-101        GP-25
Mike Weber, driver                 GP-101        GP-777        GP-88
Tom Pakradooni, owner       GP-57          GP-12          GP-777
Joel Himbeault, fan                 GP-101        GP-777        GP-444
Bert Henderson, driver         GP-101        GP-93          GP-25
Marty Wolfe, driver               GP-444        GP-101        GP-25
Paul Davidson, fan                  GP-777        GP-101        GP-57
J.P. Poulin, camera                GP-101        GP-444        GP-57
Ken Brodie, owner                  GP-777        GP-444        GP-25
Louis Allard, fan                      GP-25          GP-88          GP-777
Sam Stechishen, crew           GP-101        GP-88          GP-25
Mathieu Daoust, driver        GP-25          GP-101        GP-777
Eric Langevin, driver            GP-101        GP-25          GP-777
Jeff Richards, crew                GP-25          GP-101        GP-93
Brandon Kennedy, driver   GP-444        GP-88          GP-101
Huey Newport, owner          GP-25          GP-101        GP-50
Scott Kropfeld, crew             GP-101        GP-777        GP-50
Martin Rochon, driver         GP-777        GP-25          GP-444
Mike Geblein, crew                GP-101        GP-57          GP-25
Marc Perrier, fan                    GP-777        GP-101        GP-25
Mike Monahan, driver         GP-25          GP-444        GP777
Mike Endres, crew                 GP-88          GP-101        GP-25
J.F. Rheaume, crew               GP-777        GP-101        GP-25
Dave Birion, crew                   GP-25          GP-777        GP-101
Marc Theoret, driver            GP-101        GP-25          GP-777
Ghislain Marcoux, driver    GP444         GP-777        GP-25
Pierre Boutin, crew               GP-25          GP-57          GP-777
Patrick Haworth, driver      GP-25          GP-93          GP-50

Positions determined by calculation as follows:
1st place =3pts, 2nd place =2pts, 3rd place =1pt.

1er = Ghislain Marcoux –      GP-101 – total 51pts.
2eme = Brandon Kennedy – GP-25 –   total 46pts.
3eme = Bert Henderson –     GP-777 – total 41pts.



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No Comments 04 February 2014

Well check out all these facts. Bert and Patrick are with brand new boats. They say there won’t be any changes, but???? does anybody remember Jamie building two boats just alike? What about Bert and the Steeler bunch? Now bring in Brodie, Rochon, Dauost – all getting new sponsons on their boats. Does anybody think Ghishlain Marcoux is sitting on his butt while all these new boats and add ons are happening??  Now all that being said, how about Brandon’s GP boat. Where is it today?  Funny you should ask. It’s down at Todd Roesch’s race shop where Scott Kropfeld and Steve Polizzi are reworking the sponsons, repositioning the strut, and reinforcing the decks. 

Last year at this time yours truly was the only one who predicted Brandon would win some races in 2013. Not only did he win a couple but here again I predict he’ll be one of the top three in 2014.

Don’t miss my next newsletter next month where will have everyone’s top three picks as to who will win the 2014 GP Championship. I think all these facts will lead up to the 2014 race season for the GP’s, and it will be the best and most competitive in GP’s history.

Hats off to Patrick Hayworth for his 2013 GP high point championship. He and his crew were honored this past weekend at our annual awards banquet in Valleyfield. I think the fact that Pat started and finished everyone of his heats and finals (28 total) will go down in our GP history books as the only time this has been done in 75 years. Great job guys and special ‘that a boy” goes out to Serge ———  for building Pat his great reliable engines.

Not too much rumors or gossip but I do want to report some good news and bad news for our GP group. The good news is Joe Sovie and Jimmy King will be sharing driving duties on Dean Rojas GP-10 boat in 2014. Then bad news is Dean’s only going to run the west coast races and won’t be coming back East to race. But, from way down south in Alabama Milt Wiggins tells me he’ll be coming to Valleyfield this summer. Who can’t remember Cal Phipps flying around the Valleyfield course with Milt’s GP, who a lot thought was a mini-unlimited! They put on a great show and Milt commented on how well he was treated by the ACHA crew.

Well that’s about all the news and views I have today, stay tuned more coming next month.




GP-777 (79) at San Diego 2013

No Comments 17 October 2013

Pictures by Marty Brault

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1 Comment 04 October 2013

 Where do I start? First of all I’d like to congratulate Patrick and his team in winning our ACHA GP points championship this year. I think Pat found out, like most of our past winners, it sure takes a complete team effort to win a championship. You know there was only one person in my GP preseason poll to pick Patrick to win it all and that person was Jeff Richards. Yours truly also picked Brandon Kennedy to step up and win some races and sure enough that he did. That team started off slow but as the year went by George and his team really stepped it up and I would say now if I would have to predict a winner for 2014 it would be the Kennedy team. I’m sure all our fans have followed all our races on U-stream, hydroplane, and Facebook this season so I’ll get on with the important stuff: 

Who, What, Where, and when from the gossip and rumor mills!!!!!!!!  If you haven’t heard it already, Patrick and his sponsor are stepping it up “Big Time” with a brand new boat from guess who? Jamie Auld is coming out of semi-retirement and will be building Patrick’s new state of the art GP hydroplane. Some of the new improvements include an F-16 canopy, Cunard wings, and several other new ideas that they tell me will kept a secret for now. After San Diego and Lake Chelan in Washington State, Mike Grendell’s GP-79 will also be sporting several new improvements. Bert and the Steeler team along with Mike’s guys make numerous major changes on Mikes boat out west  so much so that Bert ran one lap over the previous record (108 mph)  set 2 years ago at Lake Chelan.

Now here’s a brand new rumor I’ll bet nobody’s heard!!!!!Randy English wants to join our GP bunch with  ( now check this out) a brand new “STAUDACHER” GP boat. Remember when Jon’s boats (in all our classes) dominated inboard racing. Randy brings many years of experience to our group and I’ll bet you it won’t take long for him to be running right up front with our top teams. New Sponsons, where do you want me to start? Ken Brodie, Marty Wolfe, and Martin Rochon will be sporting new Henderson sponsons when our season opens up in 2014. Oh I did forget to mention on Patrick’s new boat he will be running a gearbox in his new Auld hull. Boy,

I’ll bet   those people that have been talking about ACHA going through a slowdown they’d better start looking around. I think 2014 will be ACHAs biggest year ever. I also think the Grand Prix class both East and West will have their biggest year ever. In San Diego they had seven GP boats all of which started and finished most of their heats and put on one hell of a noisy show for the fans. Shawn Bridgeman came up with a cool term for this combination, the THUNDER (GPs) and LIGHNTING (Unlimiteds). Also from the rumor mill if Detroit and Valleyfield can work on their dates, Detroit might put on our GPs to bring some noise to the Detroit crowd.

This is that time of year when all the BS , gossip, and rumors hit the airwaves which always helps to make our sport that much more healthier. Even the smaller classes are making lots of changes for next year. I bet you right now the 350 hydro class will be one of the most competitive classes in 2014 and possibly ACHAs short history.

Please take care and I’ll make sure Huey’s News will be out a lot sooner than it has been.


Hey Huey, what about the “STEELER” boat and crew?? Is it going down under to New Zealand or what???????????????


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No Comments 26 July 2013

This past weekend in Waterford Michigan Bert upped the GP 1 mile competition record from 108.559 to an unreal 112.738 mph. Several race fans who attended said they had never seen an inboard hydro run that fast. What made the record even sweeter was it brought the GP record back East and in the ACHA GP record books. Even Jerry Hopp who was racing in the same record breaking heat thought it was a great run. The Steeler team didn’t get out of the campground until after 9 pm due to a complete teardown from the officials cylinder head and all.

What made the record even more satisfying to Bert and the crew they had spent all week leading up to the race event completely removing the decks from the cockpit back and regluing them back on and reinstalling the engine, strut, rudder assembly, etc. They finished at 3 AM Friday morning and made it to Waterford by 8PM that night.

Also there were some cool rumors going around the pits about a new team wanting to get into Grand Prix next year. More on this in my upcoming newsletter.

Hope to see everyone in St. Felicien August 3rd & 4th!


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