Photos of Valleyfield 2014 by Marty Brault

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By Marty Brault

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What a great start to the 2014 ACHA race season.  Check out the point standings!  Boy, from the first 3 races there seems to be more speed from our guys, closer competition in the heat races, less breakage, and our drivers are being a little more careful in their driving which makes our show that much better. I’ve been kidding Ken Brodie about being on top of the mountain. It’s easier getting to the top than staying on top. Brandon got a break this past weekend in Brockville but let me tell everyone- Between Larry Lauterbach and the Kennedy crew these guys worked their butts off to even get to the race and if anyone deserved to win it was this team.

How bout these young guns out there????  Claude Tremblay has that GP-9 boat hauling’ ass and Mathieu has done a great job putting it around the racecourse. Martin in his Coppertone GP has stepped it up also and he too will be a force to be reckoned with!!  From all reports I’ve heard Patrick will have his brand new Auld GP in Valleyfield. Also on hand all the way up from “Down home in Alabama” will be Milt Wiggins. The fans really like Milt’s boat from last year but this year Jimmy King will be Milt’s driver. I’m sure many Jimmy King fans will like to hear that. I figure there should be 12/13 GPs in Valleyfield, which translate to another great show for all our GP race fans.

Now don’t forget all you race fans, most of our GP teams want you to come by, meet the drivers and in some cases get to sit in the boats so your parents can take pictures. Our “Steeler” team is no exception and we invite everyone to stop by, say hello, meet Bert, and have the kids have their picture taken sitting in the cockpit. Thursday usually is the better day for this when it’s a little quieter in the pits. Friday we will be starting qualifications. Well I wish all our Teams good luck this coming weekend.  Continued safe racing,



Photos of the 2014 1000 Islands Regatta in Brockville

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Photos of the 2014 1000 Islands Regatta in Brockville

Par Christian Bergeron

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What a start to our Canadian  race scene. Coming into Long Sault, our second GP race of the 2014 season, all the talk was the “Big Three” GPs of Bert (GP-777), (Brandon GP-25) and (Ghislain GP-101) When all the rain, dust, and water calmed down it was Ken Brodie Jr. in his GP-50 that stole the show this past weekend. Ken started out the weekend winning a couple of heats and got to start the final on Sunday in Lane 2. Bert was in Lane 4 and Brandon in Lane 5. Ghislain blew one engine and had other engine problems and didn’t make the final. Down they came for the start with Ken pulling everyone to the first corner. Brandon in lane 5 lost a skid fin, did a 360, and was out of the final. On the restart Ken again pulled Marc on the inside and Bert on the outside through turn one and down the backstretch with Bert in hot pursuit. Going into turn 2 Bert lost fuel pressure and with nobody else close Ken cruised on for the win. What a great father’s day present for both Ken Sr. and Ken Jr. Martin in his GP-77 Coppertone ran a good second until his steering wheel came off. Mathieu Daoust in only his first GP final finished second.

The weekend started off on a cold rainy Saturday afternoon in the first GP heat there was a really bad accident involving GP-79, GP-12 and GP-9…  Because of the nature of this incident I cannot go into details of what caused this accident but I’m sure everyone has heard by now several different versions. Both boats are being repaired and Mike’s GP-79 will be in Brockville and Eric’s GP-12 will be in Valleyfield. What most fans considered the race of the weekend happened on the last heat of the day on Saturday. Bert and Brandon hooked up and off they went on the start. Brandon on the inside and Bert on the outside side by side for 4 laps. At one point coming down the front straightaway Bert got the Steeler all the way out of the water and headed for the moon (check out the Facebook pics) The fans were going wild. When the smoke cleared Bert won on the outside by a boat length. The crowd had just watched the fastest heat of the weekend. What a finish to a great day of racing.

Now it’s on to Brockville in 2 weeks for the third leg in our ACHA GP series. Right now the GP standings show GP-50in first, GP-444 second and GP-777 in third place.

Hope to see everyone in Brockville!!!!!!!



Long Sault results 2014

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Long Saults 14 Grand-Prix

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