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Only 35 more days til the five minute gun sounds off in Long Sault!

0 Comments 30 April 2012

Wow! Talk about anticipation!!!! This will no doubt be the most competitive GP race season in ACHA’s seven year history and I predict the best racing in Valleyfield’s GP history. One that no one will want to miss. Look at all of our new ” Young Guns” wanting to be the TOP DOG this year and then look at our steady veterans and it will all boil down to the survival of the fittest. In the past years there’s always been three to four top running GP boats, but this year anyone of the fleet can win (pardon my pun) on any given Sunday.

Last year Tom Pakradooni ended the year as the man to beat but this year you can take your pick! Patrick’s coming back driving Pierre’s World Champion Henderson hull, Ghislain will be piloting Bert’s ex-crush  (many will argue the fastest boat last year on the circuit), Bert will be back driving Huey’s brand new ” STEELER”, Ken Brodie has reworked his sponsons to keep up with the new boat design, Marc Theoret will be sporting a new blower motor, Mike or Marty coming off Marty’s second place finish in the World Championships in New Zealand, and Jimmy Shane coming off his big win out west this month in Arizona which all adds up to anyone’s game. And don’t rule out Eric Langevin, Marc Lecompte, Norman Shannon and our newest rookie, Joe Sovie, plus Brandon Kennedy will finally be off restriction.

Talk about competition, our race fans won’t want to miss any of this action, believe me. I’m sure most of you have heard about the Lake Havasu GP race this past Easter Weekend where most of the boats got tore up the first lap of the GP final on Sunday. With only two boats able to run, the final was cancelled and Jimmy Shane was declared the winner due to his first place win in an earlier heat race. After Jimmy’s win out west in his GP-10 Charger, it will be fun to see if he can dominate in our ACHA series races back east. His GP boat was easily the fastest boat around the 3/4 mile racecourse in Arizona.   The latest update on Mike Grendell’s GP-45 has the boat going to Bert’s shop and getting a complete overhaul including the new “2010” updated and redesigned sponsons, which will make it another new style boat to beat, although Joe Sovie will be on restriction for several heats as well as Ghislain Marcoux. By the time Valleyfield rolls around everyone should be off restriction then look out people the “Young Guns” will be coming at you.

Well that’s all the news for now; hope to see everyone in Long Sault June 2nd and 3rd. Take care and continued safe racing.


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